Blood is thicker than stone,

The skin heals and so does bone,

The scars that are left are deep inside,

Imprints in the mind that still reside.

For once it’s happened it’s not forgot,

Like a volcano it flows deep and hot,

But an eruption can’t be contained,

And once you explode you feel ashamed.


To stay in control is a skilful gift,

To ride the current and avoid the drift,

A mask of strength is always seen,

never removed it becomes the screen.


But many people still do not see,

How hard it is to be Free,

I wish things could easily change,

But a tortured life keeps that out of range.


My only anchor is a little man,

That held me down when his life began,

He calms the lava that keeps the cool,

Dulls out the flames and hides the fuel,

He gave me scars but I do not care,

He is my life, my love, my air.