I have no words, no guilt, nor shame,

No feelings for one to claim,

For many wish but do not seek,

A normal life to hide the freak.

The mirror shows a strangers face,

In which a mask tries to erase,

But deep inside you feel the lie,

With questions of who you are and why.


You rest your head at night to sleep,

The lonely silence makes you weep,

You feel alone and the thoughts don’t stop,

About how your life became a flop.


When life begun it was full of wonder,

Then age crept up and you began to plunder,

Your mind and body began to drain,

Now you’ll never be the same.


You hold onto a glimmer of hope,

On how to recover and begin to cope,

Remembering a life that wasn’t so hard,

Before your body felt weak and starved.