The darkness gets stronger upon waking,

It’s getting harder to push back without breaking,

This world it too out of sync,

A place where evil grows quicker than a blink.

The balance of good verse evil is wrong,

No good exists while evil gets strong,

They call them demons but this isn’t so,

Humans are at fault for letting it grow.


There’s too many opinions and gods,

They cause the evil with their spiteful rods,

Kneel before bed and give them a prayer,

But it’s a pointless thing as there’s no God there.


You’ll murder each other for this mystical thing,

But tell me what good this will bring,

In your mind will your God give you love?

For being a killer while he watches above.


It would be easier if people understood,

That a tsunami causes the flood,

Not a naked women bringing shame,

It’s science not a reason to blame.


I think of religion and pity those,

Who worship a book and how the story goes,

It’s not a life, it holds us back,

From a revolution your beliefs attack.


Science and maths is what the world needs,

Brains of logic not ‘holy’ seeds,

The world will be dead by the time they see sense,

But by then we’ll have no defence,

When the world is nothing more than dust,

We will have to learn to Re-adjust,

To learn again how to live,

But they’ll be no god there to forgive.


It’s a race against time till we all end,

The demise of a world that we can’t mend,

Too much ignorance and brain washed faith,

But the time will come when no-one is safe.


We can kiss our kids goodnight,

Teach them well from wrong to right,

But it’s too late for us to start now,

Teaching our babies the why and the how.

How to survive this messed up land,

Where aggression is becoming out of hand.


I’m angry at life for what it has gave,

A future for my bloodline that I cant save,

An unfree world that’s strict and unfair,

With a future of wars over god that don’t care.


So listen up you silly mugs,

That kill for a ‘god’ like ruthless thugs,

Behead your own not the free minds,

There is no will of god only mankind’s.


Create your own future before it’s too late,

And understand that you cant dictate,

We want to be free not worship your laws,

Each to their own with our own cause,

To live in peace without the preachers,

As we’re individuals not gods creatures!