Thou art in heaven but comes from hell,

Have a story about those that fell,

It starts with faith that turned to logic,

That didn’t end with being apologetic,

For those ‘the fallen’ remember the fun,

And didn’t forget how life begun,

The soul has gone but so has the redemption,

To allow a freedom and a feeling of contention.

Heaven is the place of slaves,

Where need is gone and nobody craves,

A place where the mindless and lonely dwell,

Forever waiting to excel.

But those fair and few that have a spark,

To leave the misery to disembark,

They look for a land to start anew,

A new freedom to pursue.


There’s down or up, or up or down,

Neither allow to Reign with a crown,

The choice is limited but feeling is not,

The feelings that heaven forgot,

For down below in a world forbidden,

Freedom isn’t forgotten, lost nor hidden,

People dance with joy to enjoy their sins,

With smiles, laughter and many grins,

They pity those in gods ‘good gracious,’

As they can’t live or be audacious.


Heaven forgets the humanity part,

The need to love to fill their heart,

Instead they wait and wait to move on,

But this is false, a lie, a con,

For those that leave are never reborn,

But live with regret with an eternity to mourn.


Life comes and goes in the blink of an eye,

With no choice to leave or retry,

An unfair deal don’t you say,

For all them nights you knelt to pray,

To the one ‘true man’ who didn’t care,

Let’s you descent into despair,

He brought you to heaven a place that’s dead,

A beautiful place but full of dread,

A place that lets you hope and dream,

To dull the pain when you sob and scream.


Books and fairy tales avoid the truth,

Believing is seeing and that’s your proof,

But to live forever full of ‘wonder,’

Dulls the sunshine and creates the thunder.

For those that hope are afraid and weak,

To be creative, free and unique.


But there’s one true place that let’s you live,

They don’t judge and will forgive,

So make your decision before you regret,

The choice you make and may forget.