Write down your feelings I hear them say,

It will help them go away,

But I can’t begin to explain,

The anger inside, the rage and pain.

My words must rhyme or their would be none,

But the feelings remain they’ll never be gone.

For one to write is a relief as such,

To expel the pain they seem to clutch,

But it doesn’t work it’s merely an illusion,

To understand this feeling , this intrusion.


The mind is hectic and forever races,

To take over and leave no spaces,

Control is the key to sanity,

But it’s difficult when there’s no clarity.


And then one day your mind is silent,

And the colours are dull, nothings vibrant,

The silence feels like a lonely place,

You start wishing for the thoughts to fill the space.


The quiet or loud mind is never certain,

How to reveal the words behind the curtain,

Rhyming may be an outdated thing,

But it gives me a voice and a chance to sing.