A long time ago in a land far away,

Where dragons flew as knights would slay,

The sky was on fire with mite and rage,

With a dragons exhale, at its final age.

But in this land of blood and gore,

Was hope and lust and love above all,

It wasn’t just fear that kept people awake,

But also hope, and love that they want to take.


To find another, your love or soulmate.

Is practically impossible, it’s no-ones fate.


But let’s go to the part where one would understand,

A girl who found love which was unplanned.

She never wished for princes, but preferred the thieves,

A man that’s tough with masculinity that never leaves.


One day at dawn he finally came,

With a body on his shoulder, her father, he would claim,

She cried out loud and then shut down,

Thanked him sorrowfully with a strange frown,

A frown of anger, but she wasn’t upset,

She walked away with a graceful silhouette.


He stood there shocked for this was new,

She was sad, then angry, and then withdrew,

He didn’t understand how she changed in a click,

Should she not care? It happened so quick!


He left her grounds and rode on home,

Lit a fire and sat there alone.

He couldn’t get her out of his head,

So mysterious and she seemed unwed,

Is she real? Such beauty and wonder?

A woman who didn’t speak but had the presence of thunder.


He felt sudden tiredness wash over him,

He was drained and ached from limb to limb,

He shaked his body and shook his head,

Ate, and washed, and headed to bed.


As he faded off to sleep,

He saw her face with grief embedded deep,

But something wasn’t right, she wasn’t sad,

Her face contorted and she looked a bit mad!

An evil smile spread onto her face,

But her eyes looked into, holding his embrace,

It held him in his own personal jail cell,

His palms got sweaty and his heart would swell.


He got up and paced and caught his own reflection,

The five o’clock shadow in his beautiful complexion,

But beauty comes in different ways,

This man wears the sins he repays,

Rough and rugged, covered in his victims blood,

And scars that are so misunderstood.


His mind went back to an earlier time,

To his first kill, the very first crime,

A sword in the chest that ended a life,

And made him crave blood on his knife.

He can feel the adrenaline coursing through,

And even now that feeling feels new,

It never drowns, it’s like an addiction,

To take a life is such an infliction.


He went back to bed, his thoughts now changed,

To the lust of blood that makes him deranged.


But meanwhile, elsewhere in the world,

On her bed, in a ball she was curled,

Thinking of her father made her sad,

But not as much as it should of had,

Her father was kind, but so very meek,

It made him powerless and so very weak,

In her head, men should be strong,

With the stench of his victims and his armies song.


She did care he was dead, but not in the right way,

She would miss him now, but only this day,

She didn’t want to waste time mourning the dead,

She hated emotion and sadness she would shred.


The following day in a world of pain,

Woke two people who were the same,

They felt very little, but knew too much,

And this perk would bring them together as such.

You can call it coincidence or perhaps fate,

And it happened quickly so they wouldn’t wait.


A job came in and the man got ready,

Keeping the anticipation calm and steady,

His job wasn’t to kill this time, but to protect,

A woman of power that had respect,

A ‘ponce’ he thought, ‘oh what glee’,

A stuck up bitch with a royal decree.


He left the home all prepared,

Thought of his previous jobs and compared,

Why would they ask him to take this one,

He was a fighter and his age hadn’t gone,

Well I suppose 32 is old in this job,

It isn’t for everyone, and life it does rob,

But he’s the best in this whole role,

For he is gifted with a blackened soul.


He never asks who he has to kill,

He just gets on with it, and that’s a skill,


His meeting point is by the witches cave,

The witches are well known and a huge power slave,

Their magic is great, and there’s some bad and good,

He’s killed some bad ones since he knighthood.


But most witches aren’t too bad,

It’s got better since the death of the triad.

The worst things for him are orcs and trolls,

The sight and smell of them can melt all souls.


The dawn has broken and the sky is rich,

It’s an hour long ride, which goes by without a glitch.

He sees the cave, its magnificent and grand,

A temple of magic, the only one in all the land.

Witches began dying out years ago,

Their significance has made them all lie low,

Witches are hard to find amongst common folk,

They tend to hide, like an invisible cloak,

They’re worth so much that men would kill,

To enslave a witch for his own little thrill.


He hears a grunt and follows the sound,

A look of disgust he sees as he turns around,

A warlock is in his sights,

One of which he’s had many fights.

He’s sneaky and sly and not to be trusted,

He shifts his weight so his sword’s adjusted,

A little threat to the vermin ahead,

He notices and a grin has spread,

He’s wanting to test him to see if he’ll try,

To rip out his heart and watch him die.

His hand remains on the top of his sword,

The warlock shakes his head like he’s bored.

‘This way good sir’ he says with sarcastic tone,

He gestures to cave doors, which is made of stone.


They walk down tunnels and he can’t quite believe,

The beauty and architecture that he can perceive,

The ‘cave’ is bigger than many castles he’s seen,

Merged underground like a magical machine.


Such beauty he sees and so much to take in,

With so much magic in the air, it prickles his skin.

Witches and warlocks look him up and down,

He’s an imposter here with a reputation to renown.


He’s killed some of their people, from fathers to daughter,

Right now he feels all the souls he had to slaughter.

They arrive at their destination at last,

With people crowding behind him with the ghosts of his past.


An old woman sits ahead, glaring at him coldly,

He straightens up and glares back at her boldly,

She takes the hint, that he’s not scared,

‘You here to protect a witch’ she stands and declared.

‘Apparently so’ he says with amusement,

‘Aria’ she shouts ‘and let me present’,

‘The one you must protect with all means’,

The girl walks out in one of those slow motion scenes.


His heart speeds up and he hears nothing more,

She walks towards him with deep blue eyes to adore,

He can’t feel anything, he can’t stop the stare,

Gliding over her tanned skin and long black hair,

Her lips look soft and so delicious,

Wearing a tribal warrior outfit that makes me suspicious.


He snaps out of the fuzziness in his mind,

And sees the markings on her, how could he be so blind,

She’s a witch for sure, but incredibly rare,

She’s an elemental of fire, earth, water and air.

He must look shocked, but she slowly grins,

‘you know what I am, then so it begins’.


An elemental is a powerful creature,

Not quite a witch but some similarities they feature,

They can control energy as well as magic,

But all have been killed due to past tragic,

You see, they can’t be controlled or enslaved,

People were scared of them, with the way some behaved,

So out of exhausting every plan,

Kings and queens killed every elemental child and man.

None survived, or so I was told,

But this beauty in front of me is what I behold.


I’m briefed about the mission and what lies ahead,

I must get ‘Aria’ to Savan, the land of the dead,

Demons of hades know she’s alive,

So we must move quick if we want to survive,

I begin to worry about what we will face,

I have magic of my own that comes in a murderous grace,

It’s hard to control and I don’t like to use it,

It takes over my body to a darkness I won’t submit.


See, here’s my secret, a dark soul for sure,

I was born in hell, but a place in heaven I want to secure,

Despite all the evil I’ve done, I can’t go back,

To the fires of hell and a leader who’s a maniac.


Going to Savan is a risk for me,

For I’m a fugitive of a high degree,

I escaped and betrayed a powerful leader,

To be more than a servant of an evil breeder.

I was of equal strength and his right hand man,

I’ve managed to hide so long being as invisible as I can,

Even with my reputation they haven’t yet found me,

I’ve managed a normal-ish life that’s been quite free,

But I suppose the time has come that I must face the past,

I knew it would happen, but the time has come at last.


She stared at him, he looked so troubled,

His mind was racing and she sensed the worry that bubbled,

He then shook his head and determination appeared,

She found herself attracted to the strength he geared.

He nodded to the old lady, and turned to leave,

She followed as she let go of all she grieved.


They walked in silence for a while,

Both were too busy with all the thoughts they each compile.


A day had passed and they both hadn’t spoke,

They both had memories in which they had woke,

He sat down in a wooded surrounding,

With a bit of wind and the nature sounds resounding.


He lit of fire, his mind was far away,

Thinking of tactics to keep his enemy at bay,

She studied him with such confusion,

He was different from other men, she felt the magical intrusion.

She could sense what power other people possessed,

His was more powerful than anyone else she had assessed,

She felt the darkness within his soul,

It was terrifying to feel, but it didn’t make him whole,

She sensed something else, the magic of light,

A good magic which is always down to a birth right,

He was truly unique of this she knew,

An angel perhaps? Or one in review?


He felt her watching him, reading more than she should,

He began making a fire from the surrounding wood,

He wondered if she knew his true identity,

For he could feel inside an unknown entity.


He knew where he was born, but his memories are vague,

He wasn’t like demons, the darkness was just a plague,

It didn’t completely consume him and drive him to insanity,

Instead it made him run towards humanity,

This is strange as demons would usually feed,

On human’s emotions for their own greed.


He felt disappointed at her current confusion,

How could she work him out, it was his delusion,

“stop that” he said as he turned and glared,

She ignored him and carried on like she hadn’t heard,

His anger was bubbling and he grabbed her arm,

She sensed his rage and knew he would harm,

She left his mind, and he let go,

Would he really hurt her? For this she didn’t know.


She laid her head back and looked at the sky,

Counting the stars to pass time and occupy.

He eventually returned, by this time it was dark,

“sorry” he grunted, and that was his only remark,

They sat in silence and she sensed him well,

Feelings awakened from where they would dwell,

This was strange and she hoped he didn’t know,

How his smell, his presence made her glow,

The fire part in her was always the most prominent,

Taking over the elements and becoming dominant,

It made her deadly and also very rare,

As other elementals were weaker, but no, not her.

She often dreamed of being a ‘normal’ person,

No magic or burden that with age would worsen.


He was sat looking at her as she glared at the stars,

But her eyes were only seeing her previous memoirs,

He knew that feeling better than most,

It was like living in a shadow of a previous ghost,

He wanted to say something, but where should he start?

He was used to isolation not the social art,

Then out of nowhere in a whisper he said,

“Kaveh, is my name” and she turned her head,

She looked at him as if she knew his name,

Then masked her shock at his claim.


“You know my name” he said with confusion,

“I’ve heard of one”, was her conclusion,

“A name in my dreams that calls to me”,

“But the face is something I never see”,

She spaced out a minute to try and recall,

The figure in her dreams, the one who would fall,

She shook her head but couldn’t see clearly,

And looked at him and shrugged sincerely.


“If you don’t know you, then neither do I”,

“I can read only what you feel, the rest I can’t clarify”,

“But there’s something strange in all your power”,

“You must learn it yourself, but do not cower”,

“It holds the answers you need to see”,

“Then all will make sense and clarity”,

She rolled onto her side, to tell him she had finished,

The glow she had was fading, then diminished.


He knew what she meant but wouldn’t accept it,

As his magic scared him he just couldn’t omit,

He laid down on the ground and stared at the sky,

Whispering “help me father find the who and why”,

He exhaled deeply feeling tired and drained,

Today had undug too many memories restrained,

He was exhausted from it and needed to sleep,

For tomorrow would bring more memories buried deep.


He wakes before dawn having barely slept,

The demon inside wants to intercept,

He remembers something once said to him,

And it stirs emotions and sound goes dim;


“Kaveh, the darkness comes and never leaves,

For we are nothing more than thief’s,

We steal the truth and use a lie,

To hide the secrets, we defy.

But in the darkness is a flick of light,

An anomaly we try to fight,

People are scared of what they don’t know,

But this is how feelings begin to grow.

 Grab the light and take a leap,

To understand the warmth people seek,

It’s rather rare to have this feeling,

A happiness that will keep on revealing.

Don’t let doubts creep in about the past,

Cause the darkness will take over and kill it fast.

So grab the light and embrace the unknown,

It’s better than feeling alone”.


Instantly he remembers the angels voice,

It finally makes sense, she was giving him a choice,

The choice to leave hell for Earth,

For another chance for him to rebirth.

Even with this knowledge the light within,

Feels foreign to him, where would he begin?

He gives up thinking of where to start,

For now, they must pack so they can depart.


He looks to where ‘Aria’ was laid,

But she isn’t there, where has she strayed?

He hears a noise in the woods ahead,

Grabs his sword ready for blood to be shred,

But nothing comes so he goes to inspect,

Nothing is there for him to suspect.


He continues walking quietly into the trees,

Hearing a soft moan, and then he sees,

‘Aria’ in a waterfall getting herself clean

His eyes transfixed on what has been seen,

He stands confused, what does he do?

Go back to camp or enjoy the view?


It’s very rare he finds a woman appealing,

But she is more than a woman that keep him feeling,

He shuns the word ‘feeling’ and turns to walk away,

“I can sense you, you know” she says to his dismay,

He turns to face her; she’s wearing a grin,

“Are you going to keep staring, or are you getting in?”

He can’t quite believe it, he almost agreed,

But remembers they should be travelling at a quicker speed,

“Get dressed” he said “we must go”,

And he turned on his heels and walked back slow.


In the waterfall she smiled with glee,

How long has it been since she felt this free?

She finishes off and head for the shore,

She’s enjoying this freedom and just wants more.


When she was born she was one of a kind,

Anyone else her age she could not find,

It made life boring, all she did was learn,

And fun was banned as her teachers were stern,

She gave up on the fact that men like him could exist,

Such beauty and danger that she couldn’t resist,

Is why elementals were killed,

Cause they were always looking be fulfilled?

I know the feeling of control that we hate,

We are one with the Earth so we can dilate.


Aria gets dressed and heads back to where they stayed,

A demon stands there with his knives displayed,

“Are you going to come gently” the beast did growl,

He started to walk forward with his predatory prowl,

She begins to summon the fire deep inside,

But as it’s building a moon like blade goes into his side,

Kaveh is there looking ready to kill,

They collide with each other as blood will spill,

Aria energy build and she tries to aim her fire,

But she can’t get a clear shot, away from her esquire.


Kaveh can feel the anger and rage flowing inside,

The demon is struggling his magic is time,

He rips the demon apart bit by bit,

Until nothing is left and the demons body is split,

The demon drops to ground, lifeless and cold,

Kaveh fights with himself to get controlled.

Aria stands in shock as what she’s just seen,

That wasn’t the man she knew, it was obscene.


Kaveh wipes the blood off his face,

He cleans himself up and looks at the demon with disgrace,

“We must move quick, they’ll find him soon”,

He looks at the sky lightening and gone was the moon,

“They must have thought you was alone” he said,

Not looking at her, but walking ahead.

“We lost too much time, we slept too long”,

And with the was silence as we walking along…..


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