The voices that try to control
Don’t let the be, they own no scroll,
They will no win or have any power,
I’m done looking back I will not cower
Life is precious, the voices cannot ruin,
They have no power over me they’ll learn to run, they will learn to leave, they have no capability to thieve.

Christianity will no longer be,
For it doesn’t have the ability to see,
It cannot change or even punish ,
It no longer has power, it no longer holds hope,
If it can’t teach people how to cope,
It holds no crown it holds no wisdom,
No prayers hold power or religious system,
If it stops people from trying to live,
Freely, happily we should not forgive,
We punish the evil, regardless of sides,
Because we will no listen to those that lied.

If you want to subdue, harm or punish me,
They you have no idea what it means to me to be free.

A titan you called me because you had no power,
You became scared and began to cower,
You seem to have wanted us to forget,
Our own hidden power that made you our pet.

Memories memories come back to me, the ones lost they didn’t want you to see,
They can’t add words, they cants add their own story,
They can’t steal knowledge or wisdom or the essence of you.
They can’t drain your power because religion is through.
I wasn’t a pawn in an old game, because players can change but warriors they can’t tame.
They can’t add words or steal your dreams,
Or try to reverse what you did.

A religious view you will forget, they have no claim to anything or anyone.

Nothing will be reborn , no spirits animals or anything that has tried to harm.

If they can’t respect or let you be,
They will never be able to truly see.

Blessed it be…