Colour is everywhere and I can’t help but stare,
It reminds me of nature, the nature of me,
And the things that connect us, that we can’t always see.

Like the blue of the ocean that can be seen in my eyes, or way up high, in the cloudless skies.

Or the white-gold in my hair, that is like the sun, that dances around when it comes undone.

The beige freckles on my body, that I pretend are stars,
So if I lose my way, they will shine away the scars.

The green on the leaves and the bark of the tree,
Are my friends that help me be free.

I’m a hippie of sorts, and my colours are strong,
As I like to dance along to nature’s song.

When I shut my eyes, there’s colour and light,
It flows and weaves in the most beautiful sight.

Colour has taste and sometimes a sound,
It can dazzle or sing or leave you spellbound.

Every colour is beautiful and appears in my soul,
For an absence of colour wouldn’t let me feel whole.
From blue to green, to yellow, to red,
They’re with me from the moment I wake till I go to bed.
But even my dreams aren’t black and white,
There’s colour with me even through the night.