If you Stripped away your layers and saw your soul,
Would it be colourful or black as coal?

I have many colours you see,
From the dark of the night, to the green of a tree.

A rainbow of colours in the most beautiful view,
From green- the colour of nature and of love of all I’ve been through.

To the yellowy gold of the fires that burn inside,
Of strength, of freedom that I don’t hide.

To the blue of my voice that hums and sings,
That allows me to communicate to give me wings.

To the orange of my sexuality and sensual pleasure,
That rises in me like a long lost treasure.

To the red that grounds me, like a rooted tree,
That no wind can knock over with true stability.

To indigo- a hidden eye,
That helps guide me but will never lie.

To violet or white, the crown on my head,
That knows all, from what is seen to what is said.

All colours in balance, and a beautiful flow,
Of chakras balanced that allow you to know.
To shine so bright and glow and gleam,
Because life isn’t always as it may seem.