High in a tower on warm summers day,
Sat a beautiful witch watching the dancing Fae,
She listened to music they played all night long,
An enchanting melody of music and song,
She hummed and she tapped enjoying the trance,
With a sway and swish, she began to dance.

She made her way to the grassy meadow below,
With wide oak trees and that would grow and grow,
In the trees sat many birds,
Cawing and tweeting to the dancing herds.

The witch carried on walking, enjoying the suns grace,
It kissed her skin, holding her in a warm embrace.
The smell of pine and grass all around,
With the sounds of music and nature in an enriching sound.

She kept on walking away from the crowd,
To a bank on the meadow that wasn’t so loud,
She learnt back with her head to the sun,
Listening to all the faerys all having fun.

She enjoyed these days of being outside,
Among the green of the grass or the rush of the tide.
She enjoyed each cycle and even all weather,
The storms, the sun, the snow was her most precious treasure.

She saw the way the sun danced off the sea,
Creating the most beautiful sight you could ever see.
Or the way the flowers began to grow in early spring,
Each had its own dance and song it would sing.

But amongst it all, came one overall song and beat,
That tied the all in together to make it complete,
From spring to summer to autumn and winter,
All year around that beat did not splinter.

She could feel it in her, she was a part of that song,
As all living things were, it kept them strong.
A connection to all, a dance, a beat a hum,
One song that could never be undone.

The animals, the magical the mystery and more,
A knowing, a home- It’s all there to explore.
For once you sink to that inner knowing and reunite,
You gain more than just extra sight.