A Lyrical Delusion

Poetry- To Allow A Free Mind



A comfort

It’s been so long since I saw your face,
A beauty for sure, an image that’s hard to erase.
I used to dream of something so pure,
We’d fly and love and have adventures and explore,
There was little we wouldn’t do,
We could dance and laugh all night through.

Then one day you left and off you went,
So many years and a healthy way to vent.
To feel a love I never knew,
Until the day it brought me to you,
To a man I felt I’d known my entire life,
I could have become your love and wife,
But it was never meant to be,
Life had other plans for me.
Until one day we meet again,
With all my love till not, till then.


They said it’s cancer but I didn’t hear,
I looked at the man, my love sat near,
His face was blank his body numb,
Why did he ignore it, why be so dumb.

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The Dead Mans Song

Dance and step around a burning flame,
Where the spirits burn full of shame,
Chant away around the fire,
Wishing revenge of those who expire.

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