A Lyrical Delusion

Poetry- To Allow A Free Mind


mental health


Seven of cards,
Ace of spades,
Clear the debris before the raids,

Shining bright like a star,
Never near, never far.

From earth we rise to clear the mist,
Ascended from hells unclenched fist,
For light to shine strong and proud,
With a lion’s strength and roar so loud.

We fell and rose to protect and learn,
For this world cannot burn,
We’ll heal and keeps the lights shining bright,
To stop the sickness winning this fight.

It isn’t about coming first, second or third,
But to open your wings and discover your bird,
For freedom, hope and to know who we are,
Because inside all of us is a shining star.

We have the power, the might, and will,
All we have to do is learn to be still.


Lovers feud, a lovers fate,
To be reunited with their mate,
Little by little they’ll find their way,
Because miracles can happen each day.

A single touch, a stroke of hand,
That connection that can’t be buried in the sand,
A voice on the wind, a flare of the heart,
There is little that can keep them apart.

The feel of their lips, the taste of their skin,
The layers between them feel so thin.
A connection that can’t be faked or misled,
With words that can’t explain the feeling that’s said.

An alchemy of sort as they connect,
That’s heals each part and every defect.
A magic, a love, a passion so deep,
Like an ancient love story that would make you weep.

For when lovers do reunite,
A beauty happens that helps them ignite,
Ignite a beauty they often forget,
Whether it’s nature, a partner, an animal- there’s little to regret.


The voices that try to control
Don’t let the be, they own no scroll,
They will no win or have any power,
I’m done looking back I will not cower
Life is precious, the voices cannot ruin,
They have no power over me they’ll learn to run, they will learn to leave, they have no capability to thieve.

Christianity will no longer be,
For it doesn’t have the ability to see,
It cannot change or even punish ,
It no longer has power, it no longer holds hope,
If it can’t teach people how to cope,
It holds no crown it holds no wisdom,
No prayers hold power or religious system,
If it stops people from trying to live,
Freely, happily we should not forgive,
We punish the evil, regardless of sides,
Because we will no listen to those that lied.

If you want to subdue, harm or punish me,
They you have no idea what it means to me to be free.

A titan you called me because you had no power,
You became scared and began to cower,
You seem to have wanted us to forget,
Our own hidden power that made you our pet.

Memories memories come back to me, the ones lost they didn’t want you to see,
They can’t add words, they cants add their own story,
They can’t steal knowledge or wisdom or the essence of you.
They can’t drain your power because religion is through.
I wasn’t a pawn in an old game, because players can change but warriors they can’t tame.
They can’t add words or steal your dreams,
Or try to reverse what you did.

A religious view you will forget, they have no claim to anything or anyone.

Nothing will be reborn , no spirits animals or anything that has tried to harm.

If they can’t respect or let you be,
They will never be able to truly see.

Blessed it be…


Dance, dance feel the flow,
Hear the music and let go,
Dance to the rhythm, dance to the beat,
Feel the stretch and move your feet.

In that moment you feel the bliss,
And all concerns you just dismiss.
All alone but not lonely,
The music the beat, the colour you see.

It’s a moment, just one that’s completely you,
A moment you forget all the bad you’ve been through.
You dance through the pain because you no longer care,
About other opinions with no one to stare.


Tear after year, year after year,
The visions, the truth the lifelong seer,
Many worlds I have seen,
Long before I was ever a teen.

Gifted, clever and full of wisdom,
A woman of wonder from a long lost kingdom,
An ancient before time even began,
Living each day the best she can.

Fighting to get away from the lies,
So one day she can soar through the skies,
With wings on her back in a world more free,
Yet why does it feel she needs more clarity.

A mystic, a witch, a wild woman for sure,
Sexual, sensual that no force can cure.
It’s not a disease but a beauty and flow,
A feeling , a sense, something you just know.

No man could ever restrain such a beauty,
Because that would only ever be cruelty.
They could never take her fire,
As this isn’t something that could never expire.

Water, earth, fire and air, talk to her in a silent way,
They keep her stable each and every day.

A rarity, unique and one of kind,
A strong individual that no one could subdue or bind.
One day she will spread and wings and fly,
Feeling the wind on her face as she fly’s by.


Fly, dive live and be free,
There’s very few who could stop me,
Don’t listen to the ways of another,
Because it’s you you’re trying to discover.

The uniqueness, the beauty the bits that make you, you.
Because that’s not something that someone can undo.

The smile, the happiness the laughter the joy,
Isn’t something that anyone can destroy.
To overcome to find a way,
To ignore the bad that they might say.


Once upon a time I learned to fly,
I’d jump of a cliff and into the sky,
Never worrying about falling or being harmed,
Because the wind on the wings was something that calmed.

From fire to water, to air to earth,
There’s little that didn’t offer a rebirth,
The feeling of a breath, or the grass beneath your feet,
The coolness of water, or the sound of the beat.

The music of nature that not all will choose to hear,
That moment of peace with absolute no fear.
The colours, the sun, the moon and the sky,
There’s little you dont experience when you can fly.

Say goodbye to personal demons

What’s a demon I hear you say,

Something that can easily go away,

It can be a voice heard or a bad feeling,

But they aren’t powerful, especially when you’re healing.


A demon can’t manifest from bad thoughts,

Because they don’t have colour of any sorts.

It’s just a bad thought that cannot grow,

Because they don’t have any power to show.


Nightmares don’t come to life,

And pain can’t cut into a person like a knife.

It’s can’t hold you, hostage or hold you back,

and the negativity can’t attack.


You take control of your own being,

As nothing bad can get into the visuals you’re seeing.


Luckily, people always have help around,

From something that may not make a sound,

It’s always there helping you along,

Like a caring wisp or a lovers song.


Do you hear voices around your head,

But struggle sometimes to understand what is being said.

It’s funny how this all came to be,

It started on a journey to feel free.

But freedom sometimes is a difficult concept,

One that I’ve personally struggled to accept.


But the one thing I know beyond all,

is that no one around me with suffer from my fall.

No sacrifices, no pain for anyone I care about,

That’s something I truly believe without a doubt.




In night and day, and day and night,

We lose our will and our fight,

For all we know this is how life is supposed to be,

Sucking out your emotions, so that you can actually see.


Funnily enough those with depression see the world clearly,

They don’t feel much as they view everything logically,

But what’s to say that depression isn’t an imbalance of the mind,

What if the problem is how we think makes feeling become blind?


Feeling creates good chemicals, but some unconsciously shut it out,

But what happens when you don’t feel anything, and the good chemicals don’t sprout?

They label you depressed, but this isn’t the case,

A cure isn’t a tablet; it’s a rewiring or an erase.


Erase they way you think, and rewire to fix the brain,

Allow yourself to feel, so you don’t feel the chemical withdrawal strain.

I know this isn’t something that would work for everyone’s curse,

But it’s a way to realize that tablets make you worse.


The brain is a delicate tool, but it is just that,

It just needs to be reeducated, it’s just something to work at!


A song without notes,

A fire without flame,

the earth without air,

A trial with no claim.

The feeling of death,

Which depression will bring,

Is like a singer that cannot sing.

Blackness in the light,

Loneliness in a crowd,

A voice in your head,

That death it has vowed.

Depression is being alive but feeling dead,

Hearing voices, but not knowing what’s said.

Having content days, but the bad are worse,

With this disease being your personal curse.


Heat, smoke and flame rise around me,
They twist, they taunt, they won’t let me be,

Fire bypasses rational thought,
And conscious leaves as the fires fought,
Flames doesn’t converse with the brain,
It burns the skin and leaves a stain.

When you’re burning bright and struggling with the heat,
Your rational side gives up and takes a seat,
What replaces it is a scary new thing,
It has no feeling and disaster it will bring.

The inner me is breaking free quicker,
And leaving me feeling weaker and sicker.
I feel the fever when it’s getting stronger,
The heat burns and it’s lasting longer.

I know I should be worried or feel concern,
But I don’t, and even witches burn.

Inner Demon

A demon in me that lies await,
For me to crash into an awful state,
At that point it wakes and crawls,
To get to my conscious through the walls.

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A bird of flame, a bird of fire,
One true model of which I aspire,
To live forever fearless and free,
A rebirth that holds the renewal key.

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Delusional partner 

Empty, empty, why can’t you see,

The betrayal you put into me.

To feel a love that’s wasn’t real,

Like a safety within a protective seal.

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