A Lyrical Delusion

Poetry- To Allow A Free Mind



Heaven and Hell

Thou art in heaven but comes from hell,

Have a story about those that fell,

It starts with faith that turned to logic,

That didn’t end with being apologetic,

For those ‘the fallen’ remember the fun,

And didn’t forget how life begun,

The soul has gone but so has the redemption,

To allow a freedom and a feeling of contention.

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Our little world 

Smaller than a grain of sand,

Even the mountains on this land,

We’re a dot in time and space,

Spinning around at a slow pace.

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Those who kill in ‘god’s name’, what will you achieve,

Deaths and killing to make people believe,

In what must be a cruel God with no morals,

To fill the world of anger and quarrels.

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Religious wars.

The darkness gets stronger upon waking,

It’s getting harder to push back without breaking,

This world it too out of sync,

A place where evil grows quicker than a blink.

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