A Lyrical Delusion

Poetry- To Allow A Free Mind




The warmth that fills the summer air,
And the smell of trees, of earth, of soil,
the breath of wind so gentle and fair,
Are delights of nature that do not spoil.

Each day of summer is a blessing not disguised,
The gold of the sun that kisses the skin,
It’s warmth and heat doesn’t let me hide,
It shines and heals the wounded parts within.

I can’t recall a summer’s day from past,
Where they weren’t filled with joy, of wonder, of cheer,
The memories I remember aren’t bad or of aghast,
Gone are the days of cold and of fear.

The summer’s day is a blessing not disguised,
It’s teaches me to shine not hide,
To allow myself to remember the fun,
Under the caring gaze of the golden sun.

Long lost love

A long lost love I hear you say,
A man I craved that went away,
A way to cope with my own personal pain,
For he loved me without gain.

He was there for me in my tears and in plight,
And when I no longer had the will to fight,
I’d shut my eyes and see his beautiful face,
And temporarily the pain would erase.

Then one day it went away,
I didn’t fight to make it stay.
It hurt for a while that it wasn’t there,
Didn’t it love me, didn’t it care.

It’s like we were made to forget,
How we held each other and wept,
Or lifted each other up when one fell,
Two pieces of a jigsaw that worked so well.

Then different names wanted a part,
In a place they didn’t belong or start,
I remember places that are no longer there,
Lived so many lifetimes, it didn’t seem fair,
I had different names and lovers in those days,
But there was always one that always stays,
By my side never to harm,
To love, to protect to be my calm.

Looking back

I never wrote about it, I thought you would know,
I thought you would see it, I thought you’d grow,
The days when fun was never hard to find,
Where people could love and be kind,
When it wasn’t frowned upon, when it was the norm,
To hold hands and dance together in the storm.
When we could fly high through the night,
Or get visions of prophecy with our oracle sight.
There was no religion or science around,
There was nature and love and adventure to be found.
We were protectors and lovers and so much more,
With passion and hope and a keen interest to explore.

Poetry Story

A long time ago in a land far away,

Where dragons flew as knights would slay,

The sky was on fire with mite and rage,

With a dragons exhale, at its final age.

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